Create an eSports Arena That Will Be The Showpiece of Your Campus, Bring Notoriety to Your School, Attract New Students and Become The Premier Facility in the Region

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Step Up Your Game – Provide Your Gamers With The Proper Tools to Compete

Compared to traditional college sports, your eSports program requires a relatively small investment in facilities and equipment.  However, this doesn’t mean you can build a successful eSports arena by simply placing a few gaming consoles on old, no-longer-used desks or cheap bare-bones-basic tables.  That would be like building your varsity football field on an old, weed covered lot on the edge of campus and expecting to have a successful, respected team that attracts talented players into the program.

At a minimum, eSports gamers need equipment that allows them to compete on a level playing field with players from other schools.  This means providing powerful computers, quality gaming peripherals and…durable, specially-designed, ergonomic console furniture, or battle stations, that provide a comfortable, safe environment in which to compete.

A well designed eSports arena will become the focal point on your campus for student recreation.  Even more, your new gaming facility will provide a world-class home for your club and varsity eSports teams, help recruit new students to campus and bring attention and notoriety to your school and eSports program.  Start right now on building your eSports arena and get in the game before you’re playing catch-up with other schools in the region.

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Click here to take the first step towards creating an extraordinary esports gaming center – Request Your Free “esports battle station planning guide” right now!

Are You Ready to Create a World-Class eSports Center That Will Bring Notoriety and Acclaim to Your Program and School?

eSports is rapidly growing in popularity.   Gaming has moved from living rooms and basements to eSports leagues that have brought a degree of standardization and legitimacy to gaming competitions.

Now, high schools and colleges are getting into the action, creating eSports programs that include everything from informal clubs to scholarship-awarding varsity college teams.  Even national associations including HSEL, NASEF and NACE have emerged to help schools develop their programs and organize competitions.

Those schools that have adopted eSports are already seeing rewards by…

  • capitalizing on student interest,
  • increasing student engagement
  • bringing notoriety and publicity to their school
  • offering eSports related courses and majors and, for colleges and universities,
  • impressing and enticing new students to enroll.

For now, there is still an opportunity for high schools and colleges to become some of the first to adopt eSports.  However, for those schools that don’t implement a program within the next few years, they’ll be playing catch-up with their peers, especially at the college level.

Are you ready to create your own World-Class eSports facility?

If so, then you’ll be happy to hear that creating an eSports facility requires a relatively modest investment when compared to traditional sports programs.  But, like anything worth doing, creating an eSports arena means spending the time and money to do it correctly.  Simply buying a few PC’s and putting them onto folding tables or old desks is not sufficient.  Instead, it means equipping participants with powerful computers, gaming specific peripherals, ample bandwidth and ergonomic furniture custom designed for a gaming environment.

More specifically, the console furniture that will be used in an eSports gaming center needs to not only accommodate the high power demands of gaming computers and displays, neatly hide and contain all peripheral, power and data cables, as well as provide specialized lighting systems, but provide comfort and safety to gamers by including special ergonomic features that reduce stress injuries.

We’ll Design Your Battle Stations With the Features You Desire, the Ergonomics You Need and the Head-Turning Look You Want

Creating your new eSports facility will be easier and more fun than you probably believe it can be.  Working with Evans Consoles, the premier manufacturer in the industry with 40 years of experience in critical furniture and over 12,000 installations worldwide, we’ll draw on the expertise of an award-winning design team, project planners and engineers to provide detailed drawings, life-like renderings and fly-through videos that’ll bring your center to life.

We’ll start by reviewing the room you’ve selected for the new arena.  Next, I’ll ask you for your thoughts and ideas about everything from the number of stations you want to the location of the viewing areas to the colors and finishes you want to make your console furniture unique.

Rest assured your console stations will include key features such as our soft urethane worksurface nosing that not only makes it more comfortable for a gamer when using the keyboard and mouse during a competition, but protects the furniture from the abuse common in intensive-use environments where chairs and other items can be carelessly pushed into worksurfaces.  It’s just one example of how our Evans Consoles furniture is engineered to last 20 years or more.  You’ll enjoy years of trouble-free service and an appearance that will look as good after years of use as it did the day it arrived.

Your console stations will also include our integrated cable management systems.  All power, data, monitor and network cables will be neatly tucked inside the furniture, hidden from view and protected from prying fingers and accidental tugs.  Want more?  Gamers will have access to integrated power and USB ports to charge phones, tablets and other items right there at the fingertips.

We’ll simplify powering up each gaming station, too.  Instead of running power strips to numerous outlet boxes, we’ll use our PowerLinc system to tap off of main feeds and distribute power internally.  This is essential for the power hungry PC’s used in today’s gaming world.  Plus, you’ll never worry about exposed power cables or floor outlets that get in the way.

Finally, to make your new gaming center really “pop”, we’ll include our LumiLinc Visual Management System to illuminate the areas below the worksurface and along the back edge of the slatwall.  Why?  So you can select a range of LED colors to identify competing teams, occupied vs unoccupied stations, or for any reason you might need to designate play at the various stations.  It’s unique and will set your eSports arena apart from the poorly-designed “also-ran” game rooms at other schools with less vision.

From Start to Finish, We’ll Make Designing and Installing Your New eSports Consoles Quick, Easy and…Fun!

After you and I have finished discussing your new eSports center, I’ll get to work immediately and have a series of detailed drawings and 3-D renderings prepared by the award-winning Solutions and Design Team at Evans Consoles.  You’ll be thoroughly impressed by these high quality drawings and renderings as they will really help you visualize the proposed layout of the room.  By seeing the room exactly as it might appear, you’ll be able to identify any modifications you’ll want to make so you can “fine-tune” the plan to be exactly they way you want it.

Once you fall in love with what you’ll see and your order is processed, we’ll have your consoles manufactured in Evans’ state-of-the-art ISO 9001 and 14001 facility where every console unit is GREENGUARD Certified for indoor air quality.  You can be assured that your new furniture will be constructed of only high quality, low-emitting materials.

In a few short weeks, your new consoles will be complete and ready to ship.  But, before they get sent on their way, Evans completely assembles each unit and builds-out your entire layout where it will be carefully inspected for even the slightest defect.  This assures a perfect fit and finish so every worksurface aligns exactly with its adjoining neighbor, every side panel is precisely fitted and all components are there and ready to go.  You can be assured that when everything is delivered to you, there will be virtually no chance of product defects or design/manufacturing errors delaying your project.

Your brand new console furniture is carefully packed and shipped directly to your facility by our dedicated freight carrier.  No need to worry about freight damage by some common carrier that passes your furniture from terminal to terminal along the way.  That’s how other manufacturers ship their product.  Not us.  We make sure your new console furniture arrives in perfect condition.  Oh, and while it’s on the way, you and I will confirm that your room is ready for installation and coordinate everything in advance.

Well, the big day is here.  Your furniture has arrived and our factory trained installers will soon get to work on building it out exactly as envisioned in those renderings and drawings.  In most cases, depending on the size of the layout, they’ll complete the job in just one or two days; a little longer for a very large installation. When they’re finished, your new gaming furniture will be ready for the PCs, monitors, keyboards and mice.

Let the games begin!

Click here to take the first step towards creating an extraordinary esports gaming center – Request Your Free “esports battle station planning guide” right now!

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“From start to finish, my goal is to make you completely happy with every aspect of your eSports Arena project. If at any time you are not thrilled with everything we do, from design to installation, I will personally take the steps necessary to address your concerns and make it right or I’ll gladly arrange for the return of the product and refund every penny.”

– Bob Von Stein, President