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How do we know Evans consoles are built to last? Earlier this month we got to see just how tough they are. One of our tradeshow demos was in an accident while in transit, a 700-pound crate was dropped on our console. Our consoles take a significant amount of time to design and manufacture, we were looking forward to showing it off. Unfortunately for us the shipping crate took significant damage due to the accident. How did our console do inside the crate?

From the outside, it looked bad. The outer crate was completely broken and from first glance, our console looked severely damaged. The Unity Arm, which holds up the monitors and sits on the top of the console, was crushed. The side panels were scratched or had fallen off, and the nosing was gouged.

demo-console-shipment-crushed-evans    demo-console-close-up-broken-evans-problem

Evans Consoles & Equipment: Built to Last a Lifetime

However, looking past the physical aesthetic damage, the core of the console remained intact. Without the steel tubing that we integrate into each console, the worksurface would have been completely crushed with no chance of it being able to function. Due to the steel structure of the worksurface, the console remained fully intact. The heavy-duty lift columns also played a part in distributing the weight of the fall and maximized the strength of the console. This is why we use strong lift columns, you never know what might happen!

After we surveyed the damage, we found out that the heavy-duty lift columns still worked and most of the console remained unscathed. We were surprised at how it withstood this massive blow and was still able to function. It was a great reminder that we do, in fact, make consoles that are built to last. That’s the Evans’ promise, even to ourselves!

So even though life gave us lemons this time around, we crushed them into lemonade. Now we have a first-hand story to tell our customers about the resiliency and durability of our console equipment. Here’s to hoping we crush more lemons and not anymore of our own consoles!

Evans Lifetime Warranty and Console Guarantees

So what do we provide in terms of warranty guarantees for our customers? We want you to be confident in your purchase and we are positive your console will be built to last.

  • Evans offers a lifetime warranty on all fixed structural frame components;
  • Lifetime warranty on all static exterior panels and work surface components parts; with 5 years for labor;
  • Lifetime warranty on all adjustable, sliding, or hinged mechanisms or parts; with 5 years for labor.
Other components on our consoles including the E-Arm family, EnviroLinc, and LumiLinc systems come with a 3 year or 5 year Product Warranty. For our full warranty statement please contact us and we will provide you with detailed information. If you are looking for durable consoles you have come to the right place, the Response NEXTGen is our flagship console and is built to last.