azur lane erebus equipment

//azur lane erebus equipment

azur lane erebus equipment

So what do I do with all this information? Royal boxes notably drop the Barracuda (Bannannnnaa), it’s agreed to be the best torpedo bomber in the game. The equipment system in Azur Lane is very complicated and using the right equipment in the right situation is the key to success in this game. I advise you do this immediately. Lower spread range means the bullets are more focused, so they are more likely to all hit a single target. It doesn’t matter what order you level it, some ships should have priority. Each time you clear a map, you will receive a base EXP value, we’ll give that value the constant “x”. You can check the materials needed for each ship retrofit specifically here. Having a good auxiliary gun on your battleship will significantly reduce the damage your backline takes during battle. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. General Interface Shop. If you use a gun with a high spread, this will happen. Eagle(USA), Royal(British), Skura(Japanese), and Ironblood(Germany). You cannot be ambushed/airstruck over sunken ship or friendly fleet nodes, use this to your advantage. Keep in mind most people will have a destroyer blueprint shortage, as there is just too many good damn destroyers to retrofit. Enjoy the game. After that, you will enter what is known as the “farming phase” to either: Let’s get a few basic leveling mechanics out of the way first: Why should I level my commander level you say? Although for this event I am using LB0 Langely + Lvl110 Chapayev, 14 oil to quickly whip through the mobs. Calculated like any other girl. Upgrade both to their level cap whenever you are able to. The second number is how many bullets fired per shot. You will get reduced exp for fighting ships that are too low in level. Ask around on the discord server to get an idea of whether the ships are good and worth pulling for. Through obtaining blueprints—drops from clearing maps, or opening boxes. My name is Matt and I am an avid gamer and writer. Anti-Air in this game is one of the most complicated things. Battleship’s main role in this game is to take out high HP elites/bosses by landing multiple shots. Bind your account to facebook/twitter, you don’t want to lose your hard earned progress because of some unfortunate accident. Always buy Naval Curry (most expensive using oil) when buying food. However, it can miss completely if the target is moving too fast. This means you lose out on 66^ of your actual DPS. Prioritize using higher tiered skill books when you don’t have the time to log on every so often to refresh your training. Here is a quick summary of which type of equipment you can get from different tech boxes. Equipment in the game has several different stats to it. I will cover general mechanics of the game here. There are 3 types of ammo in Azur Lane, Normal, Ap, And HE. Check out a similar game like Azur Lane in AFK Arena. Rule of thumb would be ship level at around level 50. Alright, for the first time, I find myself having oil shortage problem. Because the torpedo drops in a straight line, itis impossible for all the torpedos to land on a single target. The more ships per battle, the more exp you recieve. So you really want a gun with a small spread. This shit is absolutely useless for the foreseeable future. Special is built for only one reason: Enterprise. Having a high spread will make your hit area larger but at the cost of your single target DPS. With proper management it should really be unnecessary to waste resources here anyways. You gain proficiency by gaining exp with characters over LVL 100, so if you don't have enough proficiency I'm guessing you aren't using characters at LVL 100+? The homing type can deal massive single target damage if the target moves slowly. Scroll down to the equipment section (or use the document outline!). Farm a map within 20 levels of your player level (For which maps to farm check out my maps guide below). 10 purple (SR) designs are needed to create a single purple gear. Azur Lane (Chinese: 碧蓝航线; pinyin: Bìlán Hángxiàn) is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up video game created by Chinese developers Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi, released in 2017 for the iOS and Android operating systems. See more on Hood in my ships section. You can think of designs as fragmented gear: It’s basically equipment for you shipgirls. There are four tabs, build orders, exchanges, and retire. While tier 5 boxes are exclusively 3-star clear rewards for high leveled maps, we’ll touch more on that later. Rush the boss node, this is because SSRs and most of the drops will be dropped in the boss node. Battleships can equip 2 turns, 1 main gun, and 1 auxiliary gun. Add that to your AI’s tendency to not want to shoot down aircraft, you get the most consistent result with high range and damage in auto farming. If you are a whale, you do you. Purple Ships take around 13x white blueprints, 13x blue blueprints, and 10x gold blueprints. Your ships level up their skills in the classroom. I cover retrofits in my ships section. If you want to dig deeper I strongly suggest reading the Azur LAne Wiki, they have all the detailed data and formulas for all the equipment. At level 70, you would get 1494 exp more per hour! I’ll be labeling each section pretty clearly. With the first anniversary celebration of the side-scrolling shoot ‘em up Azur Lane now in full blast, there has been some uptick in the playerbase as the game's climb in popularity continues.. Small spread range means the bullets are closer to each other so you can focus fire down a target. I usually reserve them for satisfying mass event pulls on each events launch date to get the ships I want in order to start leveling earlier. Barracuda from Royal Tech box is the best common torp-bomber. Zeppy popping out would be incredibly useful so I could run my usual 2CV 1 BB back line. For the main gun, you also want a gun with a small spread range. Your dorm allows for your ship girls to passively gain exp and affection. Press View -> Show Document Outline to bring up the pseudo table of contents for this guide. This is also where you level, enhance and retrofit your ships. Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Ise, and Hyuuga have been added to the permanent crafting pool in the other versions of Azur Lane (JP,CN,KR) Lead Color Remembrance: SR Yat Sen [CL] – She is a key part in the Chinese frontline and is needed to increase chances of survival at Worlds 10 and later. Take the world number, subtract 4 and you’ll get your recommended limit break level. Never use blue+ ships for enhancement, only white ships should be used because of retiring (more on this later). This guide does not have to be read in its entirety. I'm working on Erebus and Cassin, but I'm just using Washington/Minneapolis right now, Washington for XP for Georgia and Minneapolis because I love her design. There are however better ships for certain roles. So equip a gun with a small spread for your front line is the best idea. Always buy the gold bulin that pops up in the shop. Your first clear on every map should be to clear every single node/ship that spawns on the map before hitting the boss. HIgher rarity equipment will give more stats bonus. That’s 9 exp per oil. The large spread gives you maximum coverage on all angles and keeps your backline safe. Tenzan from Sakura Tech Box is the best homing torp-bomb. There are two types of Torpedo Bombers. Press the bottom left again will take you to the Supplies shop, including essentially a gold/gem shop and a munitions shop. I don’t claim to know everything about this game, so everything in this guide is to help players choose ships. AriPanda's Azur Lane Guide (Equipment Guide) Research Projects Tier List Research Project Priority Azur Lane(EN) ... Erebus would likely not be efficient without LB after B1 (at least for me she always sink even with full vanguard of Cassin, Downes and Comet in front). Your secretary will passively gain affection for you until affection 90. Prioritize commissions with better rewards over exp. HMS Hood is a broken ship that everyone should have. In this video, I will do a short explanation of the basics on all the equipment types. The common type which drops down torpedos in a column. If you have troubles with enemy planes early game, the best solution is to just increase your DPS and kill the enemy faster. Increase oil cost (more on this later in the guide). Because at commander level 70, you unlock the highest level daily event, which gives tier 3 skill books and tier 4 tech boxes. Common Torp-Bombers are best at dealing damage to a bigger area. Average of all equipped AA gun rate of fire + 0.5. This three-parameter will show up during battle in the form of a circle. Once your MVP is high enough level, swap her with your freerider, and begin leveling a new freerider. I advise you do this immediately. While this is horrible for front line girls, it is perfect on Battleships to deal with bomber ships. Getting miniscule exp is not worth the oil cost. NEXT There really isn’t much choice for Torpedoes. Nuff’ said. Generally speaking, higher rarity AA guns will provide more Anti-Air stats so just equip the highest rarity ones you have will be fine. Meaning switch off between waifus after each one reaches 90 (or just keep your favorite waifu, no one really cares about this one.). And in special cases will change the hull type of the ship. It shows your data and allows for you to change your secretary. Limited is just as it sounds. The second type of Torpedo Bomber is the homing type. Use the corresponding skill book to skill type. You should prioritize: Limited > Heavy > Special > Light. There is arguably no bad ships, each ship has a niche to fill, thus it is extremely hard to quantify each ship’s “tier”. Of course, that quickly yields the problem of insufficient dock space. Buy any gold boxes (tier 4) with coins you see until your commander is level 50. Smaller ships use less oil. If the description says “Torpedo-Common”, then it is this type. Having 5 dorm slots will allow your girls (at commander level 0) to gain 332 exp more per hour than 2 dorm slots. Collect mission rewards here, do your dailies everyday. It's what I've been running through the A/B maps, AriPanda's Azur Lane Guide (Equipment Guide), Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series, Guild Reminder & Azur Lane Crunchyroll Interview. The fastest way to achieve this is by using the corresponding skill book type and getting the most exp. The Quadruple 356mm gun is one of the worst guns in the game due to its high spread. All other foods that provide this exp costs gems. Do not walk into any mystery nodes on your first clear, as a ship carrying gold may spawn, messing up your ammo amount on many maps for a full clear. Allow for you to break the level cap of 70. The high oil cost commission should be used to passively level ships you do not currently use. Normal Battleships can equip Light Cruiser guns as their auxiliary guns. Even if you don’t read the guide at all, please take away these few things: Then without further ado, I present you with SerenitydotCS’ Comprehensive Azur Lane Guide! It is better to retrofit them up to modernization and just not completely retrofit them. Have a single higher level ship. (If anyone on Sandy wants to add me, my UID is 202252828). Then you can spend it on whatever you want. You’re on discord anyways, so complain about pulling Sandy over there.

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