colorado, utah new mexico road trip

//colorado, utah new mexico road trip

colorado, utah new mexico road trip

Please do not include self-promotional links.I am encountering some problems because of these links and hence I may not publish them. I took shelter in my very kind cousin who was so feeling very bad that my trip had some obstacles! GyPSy Guide automatically plays interesting and entertaining commentary as you go. The trail is littered with clay pot fragments and surrounded by petroglyphs, village ruins, and cave dwellings. Very nice information. New Mexico and Colorado National Parks Road Trip Stunning landscapes, culture and adobe villages await on this 2,121-mile trip starting in El Paso, Texas. Also, make sure to clean your shoes and equipment as a precaution against introducing a fungus fatal to bats. Due to many setbacks I had to cancel my tickets to Salt Lake City and I stayed at Los Angeles. mobile app. You’ll have to ask a local to find out.Up next: Head southeast on US-180 E and NM-152 for 3.5 hours to Truth or Consequences. Unsurprisingly, the town formerly called Hot Springs is home to several bathing pools, making it a popular day trip for New Mexicans. GyPSy Guide Audio Driving TourDownload the Rocky Mountain National Park tour app that’s like having a tour guide in your car. Rafting past the Mitten Park Fault on the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument. Mogollon is sparsely inhabited but has a small cafe, bed and breakfast, art gallery, antiques store, and local historical museum. Arrive early if you can — you don’t want to still be up on the cliff come nightfall.Up next: Take I-25 S and US-60 W to the VLA, about 4 hours. Considered an ancient ancestral home and intersection of the Hopi and Pueblo peoples, Chaco Culture National Historic Park is home to one of the largest and most impressive collections of ancient ruins in the US. Stopping into the art- and culture-saturated state capital is an obvious but important part of any New Mexico road trip. Photo courtesy of New Mexico Tourism. Thanks! Swimming in the crystal-clear oasis that is the Blue Hole feels like being a fish in an 80ft tank — the water is a translucent sapphire and sits within the Santa Rosa Sink rock formation. You know? The two samosas I ate at the Cafe Coffee Day at Bangalore airport when I waited it to be morning were delightful, though they costed 5 times their real cost! Natural hot springs, high peaks and national park sites dominate this 1,296-mile tour through Colorado starting and ending in Denver. Stopping into the art- and culture-saturated state capital is an obvious but important part of any New Mexico road trip. La Fonda Hotel. Great for: Resting, soaking, and meeting the locals.Up next: Take I-25 S and US-70 E for just under 2 hours to White Sands National Monument. Great for: Those unburdened by claustrophobia — some cave tours can be tight.Don’t forget: Bring warm clothes. 5 Stops on Arches National Park's Scenic DriveDon't miss the best roadside stops inside this national park filled with natural stone arches. Stunning landscapes, culture and adobe villages await on this 2,121-mile trip starting in El Paso, Texas. She specializes in writing inspiring national park travelogues, foodie adventures and personal, heartfelt stories of people who shape our culture. For more information on how we use cookies consult our revised, International UFO Museum and Research Center, Download the As soon as the Utah State declared to open their most gorgeous five National Parks I started off. 48 Hours in Rocky Mountain National ParkOnly have 48 hours? Pie Town’s two rival pie purveyors, Pie Town Cafe and Pie-O-Neer Pies, split the week so only one shop is open at a time. To make the most of the cheesy but fun extraterrestrial tourism theme in Roswell, visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center, take a Roswell UFO Tour, or visit one of the many alien-themed gift shops and attractions. Soak It InDon't miss these top sights in one of Colorado's most authentic modern cowboy towns on the way to Rocky Mountain National Park. Echo Park's Steamboat Rock in Dinosaur National Monument. Moose in Kawuneeche Valley on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park. See multiple national parks in both Colorado and New Mexico. Visiting Tsankawi and viewing it from the 1.5-mile mesa trail feels like taking a forbidden walk through an archaeological dig site. Here are five awe-inspiring formations that can be seen from the road or after a short stroll. Its depth makes this a popular spot with scuba and freedivers — there’s a dive shop onsite and scuba training is available. And I visited Colorado briefly (Denver and Boulder) but didn’t get to see much of it. Like a rising, hazy mirage on the dusty plain, Pie Town is an unexpected but welcome pastry-themed oasis for New Mexico travelers. Great for: Hiking, photography, history and anthropological education, contemplating the gentle but lasting mark of ancient peoples on the natural landscape.Don’t forget: Check the weather forecast — this trail isn’t safe for walking during thunderstorms or wet winter weather. Filled with tips on where to stay, hike, and where to stop on the way. The windows down, tune blasting, and miles of adventure on your wheels. Special behind-the-scenes tours and night sky observation events take place on the first Saturday of the month. Raft the Desert West’s Best River Stretches with OARSRead these tips to incredible rafting trips for families, thrill seekers and those just looking for relaxation amid some of the country’s best scenery in Utah and Colorado. Enter the Park at Grand Lake, the West Entrance. Chances are, you’ve heard of the Pacific Coast road trip, the ultimate southwest road trip, or even just an incredible weekend trip down the 101 on an Oregon Coast itinerary. THIS 1,411-MILE ROUTE takes you to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and as many national monuments, art and historical sites unique to New Mexico, and scores of places to climb, camp, swim, stargaze, scuba dive, encounter alien life…and eat pie. I really want to do New Good thing is that Subway is everywhere and they have veggie sandwiches. The name says it all: The Very Large Array is an enormous field of 25-meter radio telescopes that form one of the world’s premier radio astronomy observatories. New Mexico There really isn’t much in the small corner of New Mexico that you drive through from Texas to Colorado. Search for a topic, destination or article, This post is proudly produced in partnership with the, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Look forward to interesting posts on amazing locations with gorgeous photos! The unincorporated community located on Highway 60 is just north of Gila National Forest and west of the Continental Divide.

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