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cruiser emden 1925

CROISEUR CRUISER LITTLE EMDEN MER SEA 1925 AFTER APRES WAR GUERRE WWI CHROMO. [5], Emden was 150.5 meters (494 ft) long at the waterline and 155.1 m (509 ft) long overall. Article 190 limited new cruiser designs to 6,000 long tons (6,100 t) and prohibited new construction until the vessel to be replaced was at least twenty years old. Emden steaming at low speed in 1935Emden next participated in the invasion of Norway (Operation Weserübung). Fleet operations and support of the torpedo school. tank models: 95 This lasted until September 1941. She had a metacentric height of .79 m (2 ft 7 in). aircraft models: 173 She was armed with a main battery of surplus 15 cm (5.9 in) guns left over from World War I, mounted in single gun turrets, as mandated by the Allied powers. Emden was also equipped with two 8.8 cm SK L/45 anti-aircraft guns, and a third was later added.

[2], In 1938, the ship's anti-aircraft battery was strengthened. Emden was a light cruiser built by the Reichsmarine in the early 1920s. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. From United Kingdom +C $26.79 shipping. [14], In September 1941, Emden was assigned to an operation in the Gulf of Riga to provide gunfire support to German troops. She had a top speed of 29 knots (54 km/h; 33 mph). ships: 47, World War Photos 2013-2020, contact: info(at)

Brand New. She made a series of world cruises to show the flag in the pre-war period and trained large numbers of cadets. photos of World War 2 : over 29600

The next year, another series of modifications was made, including reducing the main mast and funnels in height and the installation of a small crane on the starboard side of the main mast. [2], The ship's main battery was to have been eight 15 cm SK L/55 guns in twin turrets, but the Allied disarmament authority refused to permit this armament. On January 7, 1925 the light cruiser Emden, the first significant warship built after the First World War, was launched at Wilhelmshaven and refitted as a training ship. Emden was a light cruiser built by the Reichsmarine in the early 1920s. gun models: 5 [18], Emden departed Pillau on 1 February, bound for Kiel. [15] On the 16th, she was operating off Dagö with Leipzig and three torpedo boats; the ships came under fire from Soviet coastal batteries, but were undamaged. Brand New. Her hull was constructed with longitudinal steel frames and incorporated seventeen watertight compartments and a double bottom that extended for 56 percent of the length of the keel. Hildebrand, Hans H.; Röhr, Albert; Steinmetz, Hans-Otto (1993). [19] The wreck was ultimately broken up for scrap in 1949. Laid down: 8 December 1921 Second international voyage: Mediterranean, Suez Channel, East Africa, Seychelles, Indonesia, New Zealand, Samoa, Hawaii, USA, Central America, Spain.
She was part of the ill-fated Kriegsschiffgruppe 5, tasked with taking Oslo. She had a beam of 14.2 m (47 ft) and a designed draft of 5.3 m (17 ft); at standard load, the draft was 5.15 m (16.9 ft), and at combat load the draft increased to 5.93 m (19.5 ft). Twenty-nine men were killed or wounded in the crash. Ninth international voyage: After control operations in spanish waters, the Emden continues her voyage to Suez Channel, Ceylon, Indonesia, China, Mediterranean, Yugoslavia, Greece, Spain. Commissioned: 15 October 1925 You need to play a total of 20 battles to post in this section. The repair work on the ship was not yet completed, and so she was towed to Pillau, where the Hindenburgs' remains were taken off. At 18 kn (33 km/h; 21 mph), her range fell to 5,200 nmi (9,600 km; 6,000 mi). She participated in the invasion of Norway in April 1940, and then resumed training duties in the Baltic Sea. The engines were rated at 46,500 shaft horsepower (34,700 kW) and a top speed of 29 knots (54 km/h; 33 mph).
She was commissioned into the fleet nine months later, on 15 October 1925.

Attached to the training section of the fleet. [2] The ship was intended for long-range overseas service, so the designers placed emphasis on a large cruising radius and capacious crew accommodation spaces.

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