family reunion jeopardy questions

//family reunion jeopardy questions

family reunion jeopardy questions

Family reunions, like families themselves, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Laura Jackson is a freelance writer based in Hilton Head, S.C. with her husband and two teenagers. Our family tested our knowledge of Thanksgiving traditions and history at our family dinner last Thanksgiving. 10. 1. the sun is a ..... what is a lady bug. Jeopardy Questions. Jeopardy Questions. ( Log Out /  Abraham Lincoln300: How long did Thanksgiving last? food. 25 questions / space animal famous people food history. It was so much fun!! The Friday night winner was Theresa with 17 correct (pretty difficult set of questions). what is a star. (A: Lou) 9. Who competed to be a Cheerleader for TWO different NFL football teams? Whether you’re planning a small backyard cookout or a large multi-generational extravaganza, here are a few ideas to create a memorable gathering. 140500: What Indian Tribe? SAMPLE, Coordinate a family reunion potluck with an RSVP sign up SAMPLE, Plan a birthday bash with a sign up! However, because Rick and Olivia didn't arrive… ( Log Out /  General Knowledge Quiz Questions . 2. Who personally met 2 US Presidents and stood beside a Vice President in a men’s room? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Collection of crowd sourced questions and answers for the Jeopardy game. 19. Who has the same name as a popular fast-food chain? Whose great-uncle was a battlefield surgeon in the army of Mexico’s Pancho Villa. (Trish, Tracy’s wife; they live in Phoenix). Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). (Olivia; she auditioned with 5 other little girls and was given a bongo drum–& showed how to play it–by the rock star. TALES AND THOUGHTS OF TEXAS, CHICAGO AND THE WORLD, Ron Nailed It with this little political joke, Rapid Rabbit Chases Rattlesnake Up a Tree. Category: PROSE BY BROS. Henry Roderick Hudson in 1876; William Essays in Radical Empiricism published posthumously in 1912. Coordinate a family reunion potluck with an RSVP sign up, 45 Socially Distant Service Project Ideas. I came up with the questions and printed them off on half sheet papers. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Name the family top 2 golfers—in order of handicap (Ed, 0; Ron, 7) I worked up about 40 or more questions but below are the 30 I actually used. (Will) Results (10000 matching games) family, family, family! (Rick) Name two family members who were born on national holidays 12  Who has the same name as an Irish Catholic Bishop? (Declan) So I declared Theresa and Rick co-winners. Heading cards are on a half sheet and feature the graphics shown in the photo above. 23. The Friday night winner was Theresa with 17 correct (pretty difficult set of questions). (Rhonda’s oldest daughter is named Aubrea) 27. This same person—like his step great-grandmother Jewel—has no middle name. SignUpGenius makes home and family organizing easy. (Kiera) Which family member was a child star of the children’s TV series, “Romper Room.” (Jacqueline, Monte’s wife) And Rick got 18. The generic name for this cloth bag comes from the same-named Belgian town where it was first made though the E & L can get … I learned so much about those people in my family!! What family member was featured on a CBS sports show special during halftime at an NFL football game? Or a road trip? His nickname: The butcher. Our family tested our knowledge of Thanksgiving traditions and history at our family dinner last Thanksgiving. View Answer. 24. Competition is stiff for bragging rights ‘til the next reunion. ©2020 SignUpGenius, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Take a quick look at the questions before printing and make sure they are still applicable. Sample question: Name at least three lawyers in the family (Ed, Laura, Larry–Rhonda’s husband). 30 Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids with Food Allergies. 4. Who lived almost a year in the hometown of Che Gueverra? Play Edit Print... April 25, 2020. space . SAMPLE. Both won prizes. See who’s really been paying attention and getting to know others when you put that knowledge to the test with this favorite game show. (Elizabeth, Brett’s girl friend) 29. Play As Flashcards ChoicePlay Factile as Multiple Choice Interactive ChoicePlay Multiple Choice In Interactive Mode Quiz BowlPlay game with bonus questions MemoryPlay Factile as Memory ChoicePlay Factile as Multiple Choice Interactive ChoicePlay Multiple Choice In Interactive Mode Quiz BowlPlay game with bonus 20. Who ate food—on the same day—at all 11 country-sponsored restaurants at Disney’s Epcot Center? 5. Who worked for two different railway companies? JeopardyLabs has over 10000 games on family. (Monte) 22. Organize family reunion volunteer duties with a sign up. 25. Who narrowly missed being named “Japonica” and as an entrepeneur ran a summer kiddie-camp? Family Reunion Jeopardy - Think about all those icebreaker questions and activities you’ve planned for the weekend. We have 8 birthdays in a 2 week period, including my daughter who turned 13, so I made one of your jeopardy games for her birthday and included questions about the other birthday celebrators. I’m really angry because I won a prize and then Rick came along and did his Jedi mind trick on family trivia. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. (Rick) What family member was featured in a TV commercial for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team? 26. 8. Who once co-piloted the Goodyear Blimp? With proper planning and these creative ideas, you’ll be on the road to create memories for years to come! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ONE of the many highlights during our White Family Reunion and Talent Show (July 8-10, 2011) was a Trivia Contest. Sort By: Back to Browse. Disney Quiz Questions. Has your family got a long haul flight just around the corner? Name at least 5 family members who are fluent in more than one language. A great way to uncover clues to your family history or to get great quotes for journaling in a heritage scrapbook is a family interview. 17. Who sometimes works on helicopters (Bryce, acoustics engineer) Change ). (Ron I want a recount!!! Wampanoag. history . 1621200: The president who made Thanksgiving a national holiday? (Theresa) 6.   Who was high school class valedictorian and also met and conversed with the later Mother Theresa. This Or That Questions. 3 Days400: How many people where at the first thanksgiving? It’s ready to print with 1/2 sheet question cards and a list of answers. 18. Who helped elect Russell Finegold of  Wisconsin to the U.S. Senate? 2020 Family Reunion JEOPARDY! 28. Which family member has her grandmother’s name–but reversed (Ryan Rose, daughter of Kiera and Ed, was named for the late Rose Ryan) You can download a pdf file of the Jeopardy game we used by clicking on the link  below. 11. Who in our family is an identical twin? ONE of the many highlights during our White Family Reunion and Talent Show (July 8-10, 2011) was a Trivia Contest. Spaulding Family Feud Arce Family Feud The Arce Family Reunion’s Family Feud engaged branches as teams to battle for the championship! 14. (Lucie) (Barbara) (Susan) 16. Who is named after a novel by William Saroyan? Whose eldest child is named after her grandfather White? (Jeremy) (little Jack, son of Laura and Bryce; Jack in the Box) 3. Who played the trombone with finesse in his university band/orchestra?

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