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fela kuti interview

The next would be BBC, Big Blind country . I beg, I beg, I beg, I beg leave me o. That means there are two separate institutions in this world. I made this edit for my high school students in Los Angeles. With all the big big money you dey make why you no establish studio for Nigeria? Me I know that one. I am very special person o, I no dey breath for heart, look at my hand you’ll see as the thing dey breath. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The answer is yes and the most famous must be Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the iconic musician, jazz aficionado and fiery activist who was a thorn in the flesh of successive military regimes. For Fela, there was no distinction between public and private life. Yeah! Latin was the most treacherous of the European languages that was why they canceled it quickly. He is of rather short stature and delicately built. Please commot make I hear now. There is a way you and Wole Soyinka share some radical streak. why you do like this, you from Ilesha, my friend you come dey preach Bible for prison. She was furious. I can’t remember what I said, but I said something, he spun around and looked at me, and we both started laughing, and we just became friends in that instant.”. Didn’t you learn anything in school? That their way of life is different from ours is logical if you consider the circumstances they have to live with back home. Well, when it reach time for shrine to commot you go see. One of the exquisitely looking ladies starts tugging at me and makes clear I should move up closer to the woman next to me. I want to pay, they say they no want. So everything we are doing in this world now is the negative or opposite of what is usually happening. You don’t know anything. Abuja is where Jah himself lives. That time is dictated by nature and not by some law. ISIS sent to give Christians and muslims their doctrines. Once I see the first sentence I’ll complete the rest. Our site uses cookies. Teach me now. All these things are happening na him sign the money go. He come say make I come see am for NIIA. Number one is Naïve Revolution, there is Jagajaga Revolution and the third be Direct Revolution. I am a strange person, I dey different that is why I was born in the middle of October. I talk about these things in the shrine on Saturday nights. Last night, a new music, If I write music now and I forget that means it is meant to be forgotten and that it does not catch fine. Let me correct myself. But I find his history to be recent. When they are having children they pretend they are feeling pains. Well I play a unique music, music for me na mission, no be entertainment. The first paragraph sent me crazy. Interview with the legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti, about music,politics and freedom Any time I go on tour in Europe I talk about it everywhere, even in Germany. The Nigerian is more, however, than a womaniser and a musician. Fela Kuti interview subtitled. All the stooges that were supporting the white man to sell Africans during the slave trade are back now as human beings. Na soldiers  de form party and civilians like Abiola de join. The only sign wey no get blood na Libra, scale be the sign. Have you ever heard of where they relocate Shrine? All of you are flying my brother. It no longer bothers me. He tells us he is the representative of the MOP, Movement of the People. They begin to disturb. For example, you don’t know that words have roots in spirituality. That is why those wey dey in government come burn my house a week after Festac. When you hear Russia, the real meaning in Yoruba is rush-into-suffering. The son of late Fela Kuti, however, said that the … The third revolution is a direct one, nack the nail on the head straight. At the end I gave bullshit to everyone of them. This is the week of Felabration, dedicated to the life, music, and struggles of the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the Afrobeat legend who would have been 81 on Tuesday, 15 October. Na Sandra show me road. If I write something and he no stick that means he no be number be  that. If you are given the gift to know how to keep your body for that sex. The universe consists of structures that intertwine like rhythms, each part must do its duty. They got the power from Ife. He’s lost count of the times he’s been imprisoned. The white people know say Rasta na craze man hair. Is this your definition of International Affairs. A woman isn’t sexually mature at a legally specified age, but at the moment she is ready for it. That is what I am doing here. I hope you know what you are doing? Na their government lottery sponsor us go. It was in the winter, and I had a hat, a coat and a scarf, and I knocked on the door, and he said ‘come in’. I was surprised because I enter the place and the place dey empty. Yes of course. One day I quarrelled with one of the people wey dey come preach for prison here. Malcom X talk. Like my heart beat wey dey show for my hand. They commot Nwachi patapata. My brother it is all tricks. I come dey start to buy books because the books I read indicated references. That was why when he come thief finish he come say God oh that death wey you say make I come die you fit commot am for my head. After this book I come Lagos and bought more books. They laid out a new carpet, they put us in First Class Hotel, gave us four special cars to use, two Toyota seven-seater buses and two Mercedez Benz cars for my use. Many people in this country are possessed. Once I went to Ajilete, a village near Abeokuta where they come give me one locally made bullet-proof vest to wear with charms on it. Bye, Bye, my music na gift, that is why nobody fit copy am. He is the leader of the Movement of the People, a group progressive youngsters that fight for a Pan-African state and have declared war on Capitalism, Communism, Islam, Christianity, multinationals, military regimes and other obstacles that stand in the way of achieving their goal. They born me through the person wey I suppose come through Reverend so I go know everything well well to question them from the beginning to the end of the Bible. Did you discover these things when you were in school? Speaking is Fela Anikulapo Kuti, totally unknown in the Netherlands, but absolutely the most popular musician in Africa. What is happening in Nigeria today cannot be politics. You are that kind of person. They sell the people, sell the land, sell the whole country. Reelin’ In The Years Productions has available for licensing over 20,000 hours of music footage spanning 90 years. It’s the only way to save our culture. The forces in him will not let him go. Ore Falomo who had a double-barrel gun. That is what Rawlings did to Ghana, Mobutu did in Congo, they all sell Africa and call it SAP. Can’t you see that a woman has a body to be violated, soft breasts, a soft ass, a hole to dig in to? HAYES: Russell Brand. Submit your stories now via social or: Thank you! “It’s because we put up his music worldwide, the catalogue of 50 albums, plus compilations, plus Vinyls. I used to write at least 40 songs a year, every week. Wetin Beko talk? In March 1993, four editors of TheNEWS magazine were sent to Ikoyi Prison by Justice Olugbani of the Lagos High Court, where they spent one week over an alleged ‘criminal libel case’. Receive our weekly news letter, featuring highlights, events and news from the current week and next. Do you still hold them to be true? At the age of 58, late Afro Beat icon, Fela Anikulapo Kuti had been arrested 200 times, contested for presidency and had married 27 women on the same day but to his manager, Rikki Stein, he remained an enigma and was first and foremost a friend whose bravery and resolve for change remains unrivaled. It has since made me understand the world better. She would think you hate her and you were expelling her from her territory”. On average I sleep with two or three women a day. Yes, journalists should dissociate themselves internationally from participating in falsehood. The Yoruba meaning of education, incidentally, is someone whose mind has been trained and locked with a key. Yes. INTERVIEW: What thinker have you taken comfort in of late and why? Those are the ones ruling all states in  Africa. We see that as a means to take over power. The city is built on many small islands and small peninsulas, between 5.5 and 6 million people live there in dismal slums. So, your question how can that be is a question from the mind of an educated man. Gene in Mid-West is god, Ogene and Gini in Yoruba is cat, powerful, Ogini. They take that word from the dirtiest place, po-potty. If he goes he will get more trouble more problems. I come support am with analysis from Dr. Leakey and Mrs. Leakey. All what is happening is what me I dey call gbegbegbe. They will pay me compensation by force. We Africans are realists and that’s why we don’t believe in the women’s movement. What you do is to press people down, so you are part of the system wey they press people. So the gini of Isis is Genesis which people call the beginning. See this one. Knowledge is how your mind expand reach. Fela: “Pan-Africanism is an idea of Marcus Garvey and was implemented by, among others, Kwame N’krumah (The Jamaican Garvey was one of the founders of the “back to Africa” movement, which inspired both the Nation of Islam and the Rastafari-movement. Na wa o. I beg, I beg. I put a leather-bound proposal together. He was the co-ordinator / secretary. For 15 years, Rikki Stein was Fela’s manager and during this period, he dedicated 15 years of his life towards working with a man whose ghost and message continued to haunt the very walls of Nigeria’s corridor of power. Black President. After I have made clear that I don’t work for some reactionary, racist magazine I am taken to the room of the African star. Read the full interview and why he was in prison here: Post was not sent - check your email addresses! That time Americans don dey hear my name say I be fire brand. (All lovely female names). He came to the Shrine one day to listen to my music and yabis. There is nowhere for him to go. For me, once I enter here I don’t think about outside again, outside prison, otherwise you’ll go crazy. My life is meant to be imbalanced. Because nothing dey inside this interview which can annoy President Babangida . If I’m busy and I can’t sleep with my women, there’s a terrible atmosphere. I said so, because he is possessed like the rest of us. Join the But look, they have spoilt the youths of today patapata. Don’t you know. Can you believe they paid me 5,000 pounds cash before we left Lagos? Bible itself talk say thunder strike and Sango is the god of thunder. Nigeria’s Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, political gadfly, king of Afrobeat, and preeminent pan-Africanist, regained his freedom when Nigerian authorities ordered his unconditional release from prison on April 24, 1986, after he had served 18 months of a five-year sentence for alleged violations of currency regulation, which led to his trial under anti-subversion decrees. Number one be for people wey go die for some people else to become president, Jagajaga na him be singing song like say you no sing at all. Then they go on to call you mister which means you have missed your star. I read well for that time. Na when they charge me for Armed Robbery case that people begin see say I no craze. He don tire, but he cannot go. The interview, the most comprehensive that Fela ever gave, was published in the 5 April 1993 edition of TheNEWS. That is wuru wuru politics. Look at the word soldier. She even goes one step further, she is a proponent of female circumcision, which is still practiced frequently in Africa. Adebanjo, an accountant came one day, I said S.K. Most record companies can’t stand my smell abroad, even promoters because all of them are establishment people. Na them get money pass anybody. Recently there were stories that you were dying, that you had rashes all over your body. Yes. If he hears this he go dey shake ni because he go know say na truth I dey talk. So Nigeria want me to perform by all means. Then I decided there was no God anywhere. I give names their true meaning. Er war Sohn einer Frauenrechtlerin - und hielt sich einen Harem: Fela Kuti, Afrobeat-Erfinder und sexistischer Bürgerschreck. The Nigerian is more, however, than a womaniser and a musician.

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