quarterbacks of the 2000s

//quarterbacks of the 2000s

quarterbacks of the 2000s

The Top 10 ACC Quarterbacks of the 2000s is a ranking of the best signal callers of the past decade. Thaddeus Lewis never got the recognition that his play on the field deserved due to playing for the lowly Duke Blue Devils, but make no mistake Lewis was arguable the second best QB of the last half of the decade in the ACC. Wow I had the same thought as you. Statistically his 2000 season was the 2nd best in GT history behind only Heisman runner-up Joe Hamilton's 1999 season. Graduate of Temple University, Class of 2015. He now lives in Georgia, and has spent a lot of time coaches his two teenage sons in multiple sports. Those that started at least 10 games in the decade either in total or for a team. That's impressive. weinke should be #1 this list is a joke. Backup stints for the Broncos and Titans soon followed, but it was clear that Simms wasn't going to be the franchise quarterback that his father Phil was. Factors included in the ranking were performance, season and career statistics, awards and team performance under their leadership relative to the teams standard performance. This has been fixed. The quiz is updated now, and will be updated at the end of every season. The Top 10 ACC Quarterbacks of the 2000s is a ranking of the best signal callers of the past decade. Did you watch Weinke play? Andy Dalton – Dalton’s sitting right there at the cusp of the top 40 in passing yards and passing touchdowns in NFL history. Coming out of Florida, the consensus was that Grossman was going to be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, sooner rather than later. Nathan Peterman as well. The Cowboys were supposed to be getting the long-term replacement for Troy Aikman when they took Carter during the 2nd-round of the 2001 draft. Simms has maintained a broadcasting career with NBC, CBS and Bleacher Report over the last six years. It's nice to know that my dog could have been the backup qb for the Chargers the last 10 years and been as needed as someone with arms. Most recently, he's been getting into coaching, and has landed a job with the Cardinals as their quarterbacks coach, after being a coaching intern for the 2016 season. It's fair to say that Orton had the better overall career, although that isn't really saying much. Can you name the regular-season starting NFL quarterbacks from 2000-2009? Combining a running ability with a rocket arm, he was actually one of the premier young quarterbacks in the league for a while in the mid-2000s. It's a worthy cause to be certain, and Griese is a past-NFL presence that everyone can be proud off. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Still, and injury and a very strong supporting cast of receivers leads some to believe that Brady may not have been as successful with the supporting casts that numbers one and two had. Even though their careers never did measure up to the all-time greats, they were still noteworthy enough to keep tabs on as the years progressed. He would be, Where’s Connor Cook? He finally hung up the cleats in 2011, but has stayed around the game in some capacity. I ended up getting Josh but not Luke after typing in mcnown (I think). Brady's previous 19 seasons as a starter had never seen his team swept by a divisional opponent, but that streak ended Sunday. The downside is that his career was short, and he never got to play on any marquee teams during it. At least he got a Super Bowl ring out of the whole situation, despite missing significant playing time. I can't believe it's been that long since JaMarcus Russell was in the league! But Harrington was nothing more than a middling talent, masquerading as a blue chip player. Test your knowledge on this sports quiz and compare your score to others. The best quarterback over the past 20 years (and ever) is good enough to earn a separate Hall of Fame spot for each decade. Started every regular season game in the decade. Thanks again. He's a recognizable and respected face around the league, even if he isn't the first the first player most people think of from the Y2K Era. A far cry from the NFL, but at least Carter was able to stick with the sport in some capacity. The returns were minimal, and even though Grossman was under center for the team's first and only Super Bowl appearance since the renowned 1985 season, there was no doubt that it was the defense that was leading the way for success that season. Who would have ever guessed that the legendary Favre would still be slinging the football like he is to this very day? Read Ken McCormick's new blog about hot water heating systems [http://hotwaterheatingsystems.org] and on demand hot water heaters [http://hotwaterheatingsystems.org/on-demand-hot-water-heaters/]. After his time with the Broncos, Griese largely went into backup duty, where he saw his career slowly come to an end, concluding in 2008. Expert Submitted On December 27, 2009. by vhanc94 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Why is Carson Palmer listed twice under the Cardinals? ;). Newton has 58 rushing touchdowns, which is a mark only four running backs have hit this decade. Peyton Manning. He's one of a dozen QBs who were the top overall pick since 2000, when five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady was the 199th overall selection. Given their track record, he can't really be blamed for that, even though it did put a sour note on the rest of his career. He transitioned out of football quickly, despite several failed comeback attempts, and now owns a Retro Fitness gym in Florida, where he resides. Another son of a Super Bowl-winning quarterback (Miami Dolphins legend Bob Griese), Brian Griese was yet another offspring who couldn't live up to his father's accomplishments. A broadcasting career fits Green to a tee. Currently, he operates Florida Medical Staffing with his wife, a staffing agency for nurses. Ultimately, it's a situation that turned out for the best, even if Brooks never did reach his full potential on the field. Disagree Thomas. Most notable as one of the quarterbacks who threw to Terrell Owens in his storied career, Garcia provided some quality play for numerous NFL outfits during his decade-plus long career. The old man still has it to this very day, and Warner bounced back from a few off years to show that he's truly one of the best in the game. Don't know why I failed to add correctly. He claims there are exponentially more benefits to his nutritional bar compared to competitors, and has entered the business venture along with his wife, model Carrie Prejean. The 2020-21 NBA season is scheduled to begin right before Christmas. We’ll always wonder what could have been with him. But before we close out a wild decade in America’s most popular sports league, we’re looking back at some of the best of the 2010s in the NFL. Football fever is in the air. Here’s a breakdown of the 10 best professional football quarterbacks from the last 10 seasons. Brady, Manning, and Rodgers are the only quarterbacks with multiple first-team All-Pro nods this decade, while Brady is the only quarterback with nine Pro Bowl nods in nine years. Manning was a starting quarterback for only about half of the decade, but he was still MVP in 2013 and went to a pair of Super Bowls as one of the most consistently dominant quarterbacks between 2010 and 2015. Garrard was a 4th-round pick out of East Carolina, and he was able to overachieve, making his career in the NFL to be a respectable one, especially for the position that he played. Only Brees has more passing yards this decade than Ryan, who made four Pro Bowls and was league MVP in 2016. Manning to Painter has got to be the worst trade-off at one position in the history of sports. The end of the 2009 NFL regular season is winding down, and everyone's beginning to speculate about the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Weinke #4 behind Schaub??? Article Source: But before we close out a wild decade in America’s most popular sports league, we’re looking back … He immediately proved that he belonged as an NFL quarterback with the Seahawks, and parlayed his early success into a long career that just ended for good a few years ago. Just noticed though, was having a look through the numbers and they don't add up to 160 for a lot of teams (e.g. Godsey only started two years at Georgia Tech, but was prolific both years for the Yellow Jackets leading them to a 17-8 record. Hopefully, this can signal a successful post-playing career for Leftwich, who despite his struggles with the Jaguars, was always a fan favorite throughout the league during the prime of his career. Who were the best five quarterbacks of the decade? Thinking back to a time when the Ravens didn't have Joe Flacco as their starting quarterback is difficult, but Boller filled that role in the preceding years. 5. Kitna ended up having a better career than anybody suspected, after going undrafted out of Central Washington in the 1996. 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