Originally Published at EvansOnline.com

Written by Tanya Lee

How Often Should You Clean Your Consoles?

COVID-19 has created a change in our cleaning regimens to keep operators and environments safe and healthy. We are more aware of our proximity to one another, disinfecting the surfaces we touch, and hand hygiene.

In spaces that need to be operational 24/7 with multiple people coming in and out and sharing resources, the question is, how often should you be cleaning your consoles?

Consoles and other objects should be wiped down between each shift to ensure you’re minimizing the risk of exposure from one operator to the next. This will remove harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses on objects and surfaces. 

A thorough deep cleaning of a console should occur at a minimum once a year, but ideally twice a year if possible. This is because a deep cleaning and preventative maintenance service will remove dirt and debris build-up around the console and electrical equipment. Not only will this create a cleaner and healthier environment by removing dirt and debris, but it also disinfectants the surfaces and equipment by killing bacteria and viruses. While you may want to clean more than once per shift, over-cleaning can, in some cases, lead to permanent damage of the console if you’re not using a mild cleaner such as soap and water only.

What products should you use to clean your consoles and does the type of surface you are cleaning make a difference?

Yes, it definitely matters what you are using for each surface and finish! As mentioned above, on rubber nosing, we recommend using soap and water ONLY as other harsh cleaners can break down the components and damage the material. For work surfaces, monitors, mice, and keyboards, we recommend using Clorox hydrogen peroxide cleaners. It is important to pay attention to the back of any cleaner to ensure you are using it as directed. Some cleaners will advise keeping a surface wet for up to 10 minutes in order for it to be most effective.

Read our EvansCare Console Cleaning Guide, breaking down which products to use and how best to clean your various console and equipment surfaces.