Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Control Room Virtual Tour & Rover Update

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On February 18, 2021, NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) landed the Perseverance rover on Mars — a huge feat for the team and a great accomplishment for the scientific community. Here at Evans, we played a small part in bringing the Perseverance Rover to the red planet. Learn about our relationship with NASA, the unique JPL control room, the recent accomplishments of this mission, and a virtual tour of mission control!

Evans-Made Control Room Supports the JPL team

We are very excited about the future of space exploration and to see the successful landing and operation of the rover on the red planet. In our own small way, we have supported the Jet Propulsion Laboratory over the last 14 years by designing and manufacturing their control room setup. If you have seen the dark consoles with blue lighting on TV and in the news, then you now know exactly where they came from.

Virtual Tour of Evans-Built Consoles: JPL Mission Control Room

Open the Virtual Tour and click through the Mission Control by using the left side menu or click on #2 from the start at the JPL Outdoor Mall. A great view of our consoles as you explore the main JPL control room and learn about the different types of data controllers, historic landmarks, and uses of this space control room. See if you can spot the Evans logo on the side of the console nearby the plaque on the control room floor labeled “The Center of the Universe”.


Evans Support of Science and Space Exploration at NASA, JPL

Evans is proud of the work we have done with JPL and excited about our work being featured on the news around the world. The JPL teams in Pasadena California have used our consoles since 2007. Our relationship with JPL has thrived over the last 14 years and you may have noticed these consoles in pictures and videos on the news and online.


We have worked with NASA for over 28 years and are excited to continue our support for both NASA and JPL for many years to come. We look forward to the exciting future of space exploration with a vision for hope and a commitment to our customers. Evans is proud of the impact we make at NASA and around the globe. Congratulations on the successful landing!