Originally published at Evansonline.com

Posted by Megan Lewis of Evans Consoles

When should you start to plan upgrades to your emergency communications center? The short answer is most likely to start now! As with any project, it’s never too early to begin laying the groundwork for a successful 911 project. If anything, you will be ahead of the game and have more time to involve your 911 personnel who are not only your end user but your biggest champions for pushing the project forward.

2022 has felt a little more “normal” than the past 2 years and we have been fortunate enough to be back at tradeshows such as APCO and NENA. This article includes some of what we heard at those events and more about the high-value offering that is Evans Consoles.

When to Start Planning your Upgrade?

The Answer: It’s never too early! While there is no pressure to commit to Evans, we do know that the value we provide, and the quality of our consoles are a step above anyone else. As the global leader in designing, equipping, and supporting mission-critical operations, Evans offers many things that our competitors do not.

What Should you be Thinking About in the Planning Stages?

Evans has over 40 years of experience installing thousands of public safety projects. We are very knowledgeable at asking the right questions to make sure you get the center that works best for you within your budget. This includes things like:

  • Acoustics – Ensuring noise does not bounce off equipment or walls, increasing communication accuracy and reducing operator fatigue. This involves a much more detailed and scientific approach than merely traditional cubicle walls.
  • Lighting – Creating a comfortable environment for day and night shifts that take into account the human circadian rhythm.
  • Positions – How many positions including their location within the center and their specific orientations. Optimal console positions reduce noise and can improve human traffic flow.
  • Sightlines – Are you optimizing where supervisors are positioned and which screens display the most important data? Ensuring everyone is able to see their own screens and video walls easily prevents eye strain. Employees will also save time by allowing them to view data from their current position without having to move.
  • Chairs – What are the best options for quality 24/7 chairs that will last. Investing in quality chairs will save money in the long run.

There are many other aspects that need to be considered and our consulting and sales teams are experts at finding out what these top considerations are.