I’m Bob Von Stein and I want to welcome you to Revco. Since 1968, our family owned business has been providing some of the absolute best, most innovative IT related products available. But, more importantly, we’ve prided ourselves on providing thorough, reliable, honest service to our clients.

As president of Revco, my philosophy has always been to represent our clients’ interests first and foremost and to help them find the highest quality products as the perfect solution for their needs. To do so, we make it a point to partner only with manufacturers that are the recognized leaders in their respective fields and whose products have consistently demonstrated that they are of the highest level of quality, reliability and innovation.

Our control console furniture, for which you are probably here to learn more about, is manufactured exclusively by Evans Consoles, the recognized leader in the world for control room furniture solutions. With more than 40 years of experience and installations in over 11,000 sites worldwide, you simply won’t find a better control console product anywhere.

I am looking forward to demonstrating to you how my experience and passion for delivering outstanding customer satisfaction along with Evans Consoles’ innovation and expertise in engineering, design and manufacturing can make your facility a state of the art justify.

Thanks for visiting us today.

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