Do the Words Dysfunctional, Inefficient, Uncomfortable and Unsightly Describe Your Control Room Furniture?

We’ve all walked into control rooms to see furniture that was very old and outdated. In many cases, it was designed for a very different purpose and to accommodate computer systems, monitors and other hardware that were very different from what is used today. As a result, the newer equipment didn’t fit well, it was awkward to use and there was a tremendous amount of wasted space. This resulted in an inefficient work environment which hampered operators’ performance. Many times, it was even a physically uncomfortable place to work. And, as you are well aware, if your operators’ comfort and efficiency suffers, performance drops dramatically. In short, the furniture was the wrong tool for the job.

Now, depending on the control room furniture you have, and especially if it is more than 5 years old, you may be experiencing many of these same problems. As an example, monitors alone have changed dramatically in just the last few years! From the old CRT’s, to the early versions of flat panels to today’s much larger displays, you may be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Add in servers, cabling and new technology that probably wasn’t even around a few years ago, and you may be having difficulty finding a place for everything.

What’s more, even furniture that is not very old, but instead poorly manufactured or of low quality, will show obvious signs of wear. Some of the most often noticed damage includes laminated surfaces that are chipped, cracked or even missing. Work surface edges that are broken and dented from the constant abuse of chairs that get carelessly pushed into the front of the console. Even doors with broken hinges and latches that don’t close properly.

Perhaps this describes your control room furniture. If so, then you are most likely well aware that your operators are working in an uncomfortable environment, functionality and efficiency are suffering and your room has taken on an unsightly, unprofessional appearance. Thus, you probably stopped by here today because you want to find out how you can quickly, easily and painlessly replace that old clunker with a high quality, world class Control Room console for your organization.

Well, that is exactly how I can help you. I want to tell you all about what is absolutely the best console furniture in the industry today; a product line we’ve been proud to represent for more than 20 years; a product line made by a company that is the world’s leader in control room and NOC furniture; a company with over 12,000 installations worldwide, more than all of their competitors combined…Evans Consoles.

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