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Introducing the New Strategy Air

No longer must you choose between durability and design. The future heavy duty 24/7 console is here. Introducing the first open concept console: The StrategyAir™. Designed for lifetime use, the StrategyAir™ incorporates the latest in cable management, technology integration and design, while offering a fully scalable and flexible solution. Most consoles are only designed to carry a full size PC. The StrategyAir™ is designed to support both PC's and remote servers. For modern technology control rooms, the StrategyAir™ embraces remote sever and blade technology environments, freeing the operator from console based PC’s. With the addition of the optional PC case, the [...]

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Complete Your Control Room With Custom Millwork Options

At Evans we are not just custom console manufacturers - we are craftsmen. As the premiere custom console provider, we routinely include custom millwork to ensure a complete control room solution. Our craftsmen are true masters of woodworking, and as such, we ensure matching custom millwork is of the highest quality and complements your control room while adding user functionality. Credenzas and Pedestals - As one of our most common client requests, extra storage for your operators can easily be facilitated by custom credenzas or pedestals, of which Evans can match to your consoles exactly. Boardroom and Conference Tables - [...]

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With Response, the Environment Responds to the User

Designed specifically for the 24/7 command and control room operation, the Evans Console Response provides a unique ergonomic approach for this demanding environment.  The Evans Response Sit-Stand approach to solving the ergonomic challenges of the control room is simple: allow the environment to respond to the needs of the user. Evans gives the end user complete command of their work environment at the touch of a button! Response includes the Unity Monitor Arm.  The patented design is the only one of its kind and capability. It offers a standard four flat monitor display array with the option of up to [...]

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Strategy: The Ultimate Open Desktop Solution

Evans Consoles' Strategy is the ultimate open architecture solution for maximum sightlines and functionality.  Strategy has been specifically designed for technology-intensive control room environments where an open desktop solution is preferred.  It is an incredibly scalable solution, providing maximum flexibility as standard modules can easily be added or relocated as required.  Supporting a full range of layouts and room configurations, Strategy can be transformed from a single to back-to-back option, mixing various module lengths to utilize space more effectively, and even offer an enclosed solution where desired by the client. The Evans Console Strategy also provides unmatched access to equipment.  [...]

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Identity. The Most Flexible Control Console in the Industry. Period.

Identity is Evans Consoles' most flexible console platform design and sets the industry standard for ergonomic performance and appearance.  The Identity console displays a virtually unlimited series of options from fully enclosed to fully open, a complete array of finishes and worksurface materials, adjustable worksurfaces to static surfaces and all options in between. Whether you are looking for an open-desk or closed-desk configuration, reduced-depth or full-depth, sit-stand capabilities, or a combination of all the above, Identity offers you unmatched flexibility. Parametric in virtually all directions, the Identity can be easily configured to almost any layout. And as technology or your specific [...]

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